UMass Minutemen 2010-11 Schedule Analysis: Non-conference

At first glance, the thing that jumps out regarding the 2010 – 2011 schedule is the large number of home games. Moreover, there would seem to be a much larger number of “winnable” games then in the last several year. What I am saying; this has potential to be the easiest schedule I’ve seen in the last 6 or so years.

This isn’t a bad season to have such a schedule. The team is young and is really ramping up for a year to two down the road.

There is no telling what type of a team the Minutemen have this year. The team is comprised of a number of key players which we have not seen. This includes Daryl Traynham who should be running the point at some point this season. Additionally, while we wait on Jesse Morgan, I really have no idea if Maxie Esho and Raphiael Putney are going to turn into A-10 calibur players this season.

However, based on the schedule, this team has a shot to start out very strong leading into A-10 league play. Looking at their first 10 games — the only BCS conference competition is in the likes of Boston College and Seton Hall. The BC will be at the TD Garden while Seton Hall has to travel to Amherst this year.

The last three games of the non-conference slate are vs. UCF, vs. BU and @ Central Connecticut. Although BU is up-and-coming, these are winnable contests.

A UMass team that plays any type of solid ball during nonconference play can earn a double digit win total. That would mean a 10 – 3 record to start out 2010. I would admit it is unlikely, but achieving 8 or 9 wins is certainly not out of the Minutemen’s grasps.

As a matter of fact, hitting that 8 or so win number prior to the A-10 opening against Dayton is a must if this team wants to play past March 13th. The A-10 should be solid up-and-down once again.

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