UMass Gets First Loss Against Eagles, In Front Of Pro-Minutemen Crowd

Man, it was a disappointing one. I really haven’t had the strength to write anything about it. It was a tail of two halves. The first half was just painful for Minutemen fans.

BC outscored UMass, 15-5 over the last 6 minutes of the first half. They ended up taking an 11 point lead into the locker room. It ended up being too much for UMass to overcome. Overall, as I first mentioned, this was more disappointing than it was outright “bad”.

The team did show heart in coming back to make this a great game.

What I really want to say has less to do with the play on the court. The best part of the evening were the fans. The official attendance reads 10,642. This is an increase of about 2k from the Memphis game last year. Minutemen fans DOMINATED the stands. I was hard pressed to find more than a handful of BC fans in any one area.

The team has Maine back at the Mullins Center on Wednesday. They then welcome the Big East’s Seton Hall Pirates on Saturday. A couple of wins will go a long way to get Saturday’s loss out of everyone’s head.

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